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Educating individuals to become effective learners who are driven by curiosity and inspired by knowledge

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Lejour is confident in our curriculum. Registration is simply filling up a form. We do not collect registration/admin fees nor do we collect a deposit.

Lejour has various modes of lesson delivery. We also offer both small group and 1-to-1 coaching. We cover English language, Mathematics, Science & Accounting from primary all the way to degree level!

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Happy Easter!

Please note that lessons are still ongoing as per scheduled on Easter!

Creative Writing Classes

Join our creative writing classes (available in both English & Chinese language). These classes focus on content generation through systemic idea generation & vivid description of people, objects and scenarios so that your child can ace their composition!

About Us

Lejour Education Centre was incorporated in 2015. We are registered with the Ministry of Education (Singapore) to provide academic coaching services so as to give parents a peace of mind when engaging our services.

Conducive learning environment is a critical factor when predicting academic performance. We need to build cultural capital from an early age to help students get ahead in education and life. 

Teachers need to be passionate in the subjects they teach & have subject matter knowledge beyond the syllabus. Therefore, all our teachers are minimally required to have a bachelors degree from a reputable institution. Our teachers go through a training programme & are continuously upgrading themselves.

Lejour keeps a plethora of notes and worksheets that have been painstakingly prepared by our teachers in our database. However, the learning materials given out for each class is prepared, reviewed & updated by the tutors & the academic board with the current students’ needs in mind.

We build self-efficacy in our students – empowering them with the confidence to exert control over one’s own motivation, behaviour & social environment to produce the desired academic performance. High self-efficacy also reduces test anxiety – an increasingly worrying issue with students in Singapore schools.

Our Vision

An inspiration to the education sector in its ability to recognise individuals, enabling smart learning for effective knowledge acquisition.

Our Mission

Educate individuals to become effective learners who are driven by curiosity and inspired by knowledge.


826 Tampines Street 81 #01-108
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+65 9837-1898

Academic & Assessment board of Directors

A firm believer in education, I encourage my students to take ownership of their learning and seek knowledge in areas of their interests. I continuously update myself by reading and attending courses that I think might be useful. While teaching, I believe engagement with students is one of the most crucial factors. 

Mr. Willy Tan

NIE, Master of Education (Curriculum & Teaching)



What Parents & Students are Saying


“Thank you for the composition with Justin n Trina.

I was pleasantly surprised that Trina came back after your class n give me a short glimpse of the compo she wrote.

1st – both dont like to write n the fact she even spontaneously shared was a great encouragement to me. Never seen her able to write with such a plot. Sounded interested that she could thot of the plane crash n write a ‘different holiday’. Hard for them to write great holidays with very little ‘holidays experience’ – as I seldom bring them anywhere but ikea n airport.”

Mum of Trina & Justin


“He received some good information and advise from all Lejour teacher through question posted I believe! This is a great place for him to mix around with all senior!

Mum of Owen

“Hi Mr Wong! Thanks for your guidance to teach me throughout the whole year for math and I really appreciate it. THanks to you, I got an A1 for math even though my overall results wasn’t that good.” 

Cedric, S4N Student

“Hi Sir! Good morning, Vasanth got 260 marks in PSLE – all tuition subjects he got A* & in maths he got A. Thank you for your help and support sir!” 

Father of Vansanth

“I started my journey with Lejour in the year of 2017 when my sister came across an advertisement online.

At that moment of time, I was struggling with my Pure physics. I was a F9 student struggling to understand the subject. Physics was a subject I hated and no matter how hard I try I would never excel. I did not have any interest in the subject and neither did I ever do extra practice other than whatever my school teacher gave me. I didn’t have much hope and all I wanted was to get a pass in the subject so that it would not affect my L1R4/L1R5 score in O’Levels. It was all different story when I joined Lejour.

Lejour gave me hope. The teacher gave me hope. The teacher was kind and patience towards me. He tried all ways to interest me. He gave me various notes which includes topical worksheets and also practice papers.

Even though I was unable to answer most of the questions the teacher asked me during lesson time , he did not gave up on me. Moreover, I may be slow at times, he did not gave up on me. Instead, he tried to use alternative methods like showing me some mini experiments so that I can visualise better. This really deserves the commendation.

This no doubt increased my interest in the subject and I was starting to improve bit by bit.

Do consider to join Lejour. I’m sure the teacher’s passion in the subject itself is strong enough to motivate all students. He is also kind and patience which is commendable!”

Shannon, S4E Student


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Telephone: (+65) 9837-1898

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Location: 826 Tampines Street 81, #01-108, Singapore 520826

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