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Learn By Doing

Lejour’s proprietary learning competency model SEAL IT! guides students to learn complex concepts using deep learning approaches. The letter “E” represents experiential learning which emphasises in reflection on doing.

Active participation

Regardless of the mode of delivery or programme types, all students are expected to actively participate in our classes. Our teachers will ask students questions which they would then answer verbally or writing onto the board. 


How To Register Your Child with Lejour Education

We are confident with our curriculum, that is why we do not impose any registration or administrative fees. We do not hold any deposit either. All you need to do is to pay for the classes that your child will be attending.

Whatsapp/Text Us For Inquiry

(+)65 98371898

eMail For Inquiry


For your convenience, we have added two buttons for you to reach us! The blue button will link you to Facebook Messenger while the green button will link you to WhatsApp.


Provide your child’s information such as name, education level and stream (e.g. Express, NA, if applicable). Let us know the subjects you are interested in, the preferred mode of delivery (virtual/centre-based) or if you need assistance before deciding.


Classes will be scheduled for the student, registration form & invoice will be issued. You can make payment through iBanking, PayNow transfer or cash over the counter to secure the spot for your child. 


Remind your child to attend classes on the scheduled days – try to be 5 minutes early. Teachers will issue the learning materials in class so your child just need to bring along writing materials.



Academic Departments


English Language

Our English Language classes are distinctive because we focus on writing (Paper 1) and Comprehension. We also offer workshops for oral examinations which helped students push up a grade. 


Marvelous Mathematics – what a wonder! Many students struggle with mathematics due to fear of failure (thus unwillingness to attempt) or they simply overthink! Our teachers guide students to approach complex concepts systemically making maths less tedious!


We cover all the major branches of sciences taught in MOE schools today – Physics, Chemistry & Biology. In fact, our co-founder – Mr. Wong – has an honours degree in applied physics from NTU!

Accounting (Including POA)

Accounting is the language of business. Understanding the perspectives of the business will make understanding accounting concepts a lot easier. Our co-founder, Mr. Willy Tan, holds an honours degree in accounting & finance & is actively practising accountant in an professional accounting company.

Mode of Delivery

Every child is a unique individual & the mode of our programmes reflect that.

Virtual Classroom - Small Group Class

Academic coaching classes with a maximum of 6 students. Classes are conducted in real-time, students will be expected to answer questions either verbally or by writing/typing the answer into the platform. Students will be provided the necessary materials & those that don’t have printers can opt to get them mailed.

Virtual Classroom - Private Coaching

Your child will be the only student in class – this means he/she has all the attention of the teacher. Virtual classrooms are conducted in real-time so expect a highly interactive class without the hassle of traveling. Great option for students that have very packed schedules!

Centre-Based Small Group Classes

Maximum of 6 students allows us to provide individualistic attention to every child while still retain the flexibility of assigning group work. The mini-contests between students/groups can act as a great motivator for your child.

Centre-Based Private Coaching

For the students who needs that extra push or are easily distracted. The student will have sole attention of the teacher. Conducted at the centre helps lower costs since the teacher doesn’t need to travel. It also ensures that there will be a condusive place of learning for the students.




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