About Our School
Our Mission

What We Stand For

Educate individuals to become effective learners who are driven by curiosity and inspired by knowledge.

Our Vision

An inspiration to the education sector in its ability to recognise individuals, enabling smart learning for effective knowledge acquisition.

Our Pedagogy

Deep Learning Approaches enhance your child’s self-efficacy & performance

Lejour’s proprietary pedagogy SEAL IT! have several benefits:

  • Enhance understanding of complex concepts
  • Longer memory retention period
  • Lower test anxiety
  • Higher self-efficacy 

Learning Materials

The learning materials distributed to our students are the work of the academic board and our teachers. Our teachers’ painstaking prepare, review, update & adjust the learning materials according to the competency of the class. 

Professional Development

Apart from hiring qualified and experienced teachers, Lejour plays a part in ensuring that all our teachers continually upgrade themselves. We attend courses and worksheets at NIE and coursera. Additionally, we also conduct internal workshops, lesson studies and teacher research. This means that we will continually improves ourselves and keep current with the latest pedagogies and syllabus – allowing us to make a greater positive impact on our students. 

Our teachers

BACHELOR’S degree at minimum

Teacher knowledge is generally made up of 3 components – contextual knowledge, subject matter knowledge & pedagogical knowledge. As we only hire tutors with relevant bachelors degree, they would have in-depth subject matter knowledge – beyond what students will be required to learn. Their experience in the field would provide the experiences to build contextual knowledge. Upon employment, Lejour guides these teachers along sharing our pedagogical knowledge with them.

Get In Touch

Hotline: (+65) 98371898

Email: Ask@Lejour.edu.sg